What Motivates You To Do A Good Job – Interview Question


A typical question that a candidate normally faces is related to your motivation and your working style. This question is one of these –

“What motivates you to do a good job?”

Keep in mind that interviewer by this question is not asking for your motivation to apply current offer or your career goals and aspirations in life. They actually want to learn about you that what makes you to work efficiently and keep active in your work.

To tackle such question we want to suggest something more for your help –
Being confident and think as being yourself as a person.
Take some time before answering to prepare your answer and think the most important things about you and outline those like what you enjoy doing most? Whether, you do well in working and accomplishing the job.
Your answer must insight on those that is important for a person to being worked continuously in their profession. Point out few skills that make you fit in their team. Think about those facts that you are interested most.
Also mention about the job that inspire you to keep with. The skills that are matching to job and your values that also be a motivator for a person to work.
Self-motivation is playing the vital role for anyone to keep doing such activities that bring him close to their goal and dream job.
Try to give an example to give back of your answer that may be from your experience, education, etc.
Respond on this question as on your background and skills. Because, it may vary person to person. But you will want to share your passion and what you like most about your work.
Hope these points may bring a change in your answer and make you able to be prepared with a good answer to tackle a question “What motivates you to do a good job?”

You can also check the following best answer for interview question that may work as an example to enhance your answer –

‘I am motivated by committing targets and achieving it within limited time that set off. This makes a sense of accomplishment for me and this give me a chance to look back on and say “Yes, I achieved that”. During my academic I organized some big events for my institution and that gives me ability of managing and team work and also by this I got a sense of achievement from knowing that up to all colleges of that region would participate in it.’