Top Universities in Quebec


To the north of Ontario, Quebec is Canada’s largest province by area, second largest by population, and the only province in which French is the sole official language. The province capital is Quebec City, and largest city is Montréal – the second largest city in Canada, and dubbed its ‘Cultural Capital’. Montréal is home to several of the best universities in Canada, including the world-famous McGill – until recently the country’s highest-ranked, but narrowly overtaken by the University of Toronto in the QS World University Rankings 2013/14.

The top universities in Quebec are:

McGill University (21st in the world; 2nd in Canada)
Université de Montréal (92= in the world’ 4th in Canada)
Laval University (329= in the world; 15th in Canada)
Université de Quebec (411-420 in the world; 17th in Canada)
Université de Sherbrooke (441-450 in the world; 20th in Canada)
Concordia University (481-490 in the world; 22nd in Canada)