Top Universities in Ontario


Ontario has rather a lion’s share of the top universities in Canada. Towards the east of the country, it’s Canada’s second largest province by area and most populous by far, home to around 40% of Canadians. It’s also home to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and the country’s largest city, Toronto. The latter is known for its international diversity, thriving cultural scene, busy financial district – and strong selection of universities.

The top universities in Ontario are:

University of Toronto (ranked 17= in the world; 1st in Canada)
McMaster University (140 in the world; 6th in Canada)
University of Waterloo (180 in the world; 7th in Canada)
Queen’s University (189= in the world; 8th in Canada)
University of Western Ontario (199= in the world; 9th in Canada)
University of Ottawa (227 in the world; 11th in Canada)
York University (401-410 in the world; 16th in Canada)
University of Guelph (461-470 in the world; 21st in Canada)
Carleton University (501-550 in the world; 23rd in Canada)
Ryerson University (701+ in the world; 25th in Canada)
University of Windsor (701+ in the world; 26th in Canada)