Selection Process In Competitive Exams


Selection Process in Competitive Exams –

The candidates who are going for the examination must know about the selection procedure of the organization, for which the candidate is applying. The candidate must know about the steps that the organization takes to select the best suited person for the position the organization is offering to that individual. The organization conducts exam for recruiting qualitative and dedicated eligible candidates for admission, or the industry is conducting examination for recruitment, they follows various different eligibility criteria. The following steps are the generally followed sequence in the selection procedure of organisations:

Preliminary Interview/Application Screening.
Written Test.
Group Discussion
Employment interview

Preliminary Interviews (Screening interview)/Application Screening:  In this step the candidates, who don’t meet the minimum eligibility criteria stipulated by the institute or any industry or company are eliminated. In this the organization gauges candidates’ skills, academic and family background, hobbies and interests. It is not normally conducted in the various examinations process. The final interview is formalized more than preliminary interviews. The aspirants are given concise details about the job profile or academics. By this it is also determined that how much the candidate knows about relevant information.At this stage applicants applications are also screening out and only those candidates are allowed to sit in the written exam who fulfill the eligibility criterion of the organization.

Written Test: It is a test conducted normally in all the selection procedure of the student or job aspirant. For an academic it is known as Entrance Exam. The candidate appearing for the written exam must have the full knowledge of the syllabus that is prescribed by the institute or the company. The candidate have to be prepared for the exam by reading whole syllabus topics and as well as practicing with the previous year examination papers. They can also practice with some sample papers. The written exam is almost an objective exam paper. There are also negative marks in the exam mostly preferred is ¼. It consists of the following subjects like Aptitude Test, Reasoning, English Grammar, General Awareness, Computer knowledge, or any other subjects relevant to the organization requirement.

Group Discussion: Group Discussion is the criteria to gauge a person for his/her personality traits, skills, behavioral skills and attitude, etc. This also shows the reasoning ability of the candidate. While you are going to participate in a group discussion session, it is required that the aspirant must be prepared for it. To accomplish your success in group discussion you must be able to communicate well with others, with listening skills and understand the stuff that is currently discussing in the group.

Employment interview: A one to one interaction between interviewer and the potential candidate. It is used to check the ability of the person and also to know; Is it suitable or not for that job. These interviews consume time as well as money both. Such interviews may be biased at times. Such interview is conducted by the interviews to know whole details and in/outs of the candidates.