Importance of Distance Education


Distance Education is speedily becoming an alternative to traditional teaching and classrooms. It provides handful of apportunities for people in categories like working professionals, students and even housewives to achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education. Distance education has provided an excellent platform to students for learning at their own convenience and at their own pace. In this rapidly changning system of education, if you are working and need a good degree to enhance your career, then distance education is the ultimate option.

The Distance Education mode was embraced by many universities to meet the demands of those students who cannot pursue higher education through regular stream. Also, there were economic restrictions. As a consequence, many Indian universities started distance education program by providing online notes, developing a system of evaluation of response sheets. On the other hand, online learning is not very expensive as students don’t have to pay for the classroom sittings or for the university campus. People who can’t afford a college education or find it difficult to pay transporation costs, distance education is a game changer. According to study, an educational institution that provides both conventional and distance education, distance learners pay about 70 percent of what regular students pay.

Distance Education provides more flexibility to students in terms of how and when they attend classes rather than following a set schedule. Also it allow students to use several learning options such as online message boards, chat rooms, video conferences and recordings of lectures. Even, distance education allow students to enroll at any time of the semester and can begin classes based on their convenient time. Hence, distance learning is a highly customizable educational option.

But before you go for any distance education course, following are few important criterias to be checked:

  • First of all, it’s very important to check the recognition of distance learning programme. It has to be accrediated by recognised accrediation agency. Only natially recognised and accrediated distance learning programmes leads to an academic degree and are accepted by the employer.
  • One of the most important reason for students to go for distance education over traditional on-campus programme is the higher flexibility of it. Therefore, while deciding for a distance learning course, you should check if the university have a fixed semester schedule, how often the university have on-site attendance and if those are fixed or flexible.
  • The kind of personal assistance provided for the distance education course is an important factor while choosing the programme. For example, when can you reach the lectures? Is it possible to arrange personal appointments when required? Is there any personal support for exam preparation? All these factors need to fit for the programme.
  • Another major criteria for distance education programme is the study material provided. A motivating digital learning environment with interactive task, videos, question answer sessions can improve your study considerably.

While choosing your distance education programme, you should also consider that you get a good value for your money which is spent on it. Tution fees for distance learning course is usually bit cheaper than the regular study programmes. However, you should not end up by paying extra costs for study materials and accommodation costs for on-site meetings. Some institutions offer suitable financing options. It’s worth taking those into account.