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Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research InstituteThe Deccan College, Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Deemed University, the third oldest educational Institute in the country established on 6 October 1821 is presently ranked 40th amongst the top 45 Universities of the country and 11th in terms of reputation. This is the only University in the country specializing in past and present Heritage of the country and is globally reputed for quality teaching and research in the specialized fields. The University has three full-fledged Departments, namely Archaeology, Linguistics and Sanskrit and Lexicography. The credit of establishing Archaeology and Linguistics into a University system for the first time in the country goes to Deccan College.

The Deccan College, Deemed University is culturally rooted in the Indian civilization of values; where knowledge is pursued for excellence, economic upliftment and social justice. It is here that narrow barriers are broken to pursue the vision of one world. Students from all over the country and world are welcome here. It is a matter of great satisfaction to us all that our students spread the knowledge and wisdom that we teach them, which is embedded in our rich texts and material culture, to all of humanity for a better present and future.

The Department of Archaeology of this University is one of the biggest and well known in the world. Students and staff of this Department carry out research all over the country and outside and not only generate primary sources for writing history but also provide economic opportunities for all classes of the society. Under one roof, the Department has eight different labs required for carrying out basic scientific archaeological research. The Department acts as a National centre for basic research in heritage related subjects. Considering the academic contribution and its commitment to participate in Nation Building, the Department of Archaeology is recognized as Centre of Advanced Study since 1985. The Department of Linguistics studies the origin and development of four major language families and scores of dialects spoken in South Asia. Recently, the UGC has provided Special Assistance Programme (SAP) to this Department, which is enabling it to achieve its past glory gradually. Recently established Department of Sanskrit and Lexicography is teaching not only traditional knowledge system but also the art of dictionary making, which is fading away fast from the world. The pet project on Encyclopaedia of Dictionary based on historical principles being run by this Department since 1948, is unique in the entire world as it is seeking to understand meaning of different worlds changing with time and space. It has developed a huge scriptorium of over 15 million slips of references, which serves as a basic source of Dictionary writing in the entire world.

The University has a very rich and well furnished Library, which is the best in the country for subjects related to the heritage studies. The collection numbers over 1.75 lakh publications, includes research reports and books, manuscripts, journals, encyclopaedias, reference and textbooks. The University publishes its Annual Reports and Research Bulletin annually. The Annual Reports provide glimpses of research and academic activities being carried out by the University in a particular year. The Bulletin of the University mainly includes original results of the research activities carried out by the faculty and research staff.

As a leader in Heritage studies in the world, a number of Universities and Education organizations are keen to establish research collaboration with Deccan College. In the past, well known foreign Universities like Cambridge, Pennsylvania, California, Berkeley, the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan, etc. have had research collaborations with this University. Presently, the Seoul National University Medical College and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research are collaborating on the study of Ancient Population and archaeo-astronomy respectively.

The University is planning to open a number of new Departments such as Maratha History, Museum Studies, Heritage Management and Tourism, etc and establish a Heritage Park on its vast 115 acre campus for public education and preservation of Traditional Knowledge System, which is still very much relevant to the entire South Asia. We are aiming to make this University the National and World leader in the preservation and conservation of humanity’s rich cultural heritage and values and play significant role in Nation Building.

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