Career as Bank Probationary Officer


A bank Probationary officer’s position is seen with so much of respect in the society. It’s a very secure job with life long opportunity to grow, a very responsible position in the banking industry.And hence, bank PO examinations attracts lakhs of talented candidates even though, there is only hundred or thousand vacant positions notified by the banks.

Probationary officer’s post is an entry level position in public sector banks. For the first two years, these officers work as probationers and gain experience in various banking  operations. A P.O can rise to the highest grades of the bank like Deputy Manager, General Manager or Director of the bank. Or their services might be terminated at any time, if their work is unsatisfactory.These officers are selected on the basis of a written test and the interview conducted by banking service recruitment team.

Some of the skills those required for a successful bank career are high intelligence, ability to relate people at all levels and team spirit. The person required to be of practical nature, self confident, flexible and should have ability to handle pressure. Also, to be a good banker the person should be well organized mind with an eye for detail which in turn helps in maintenance of records neatly and accurately. Mathematical aptitude is a must required skill for the bankers and he/she should be able to lead, manage, motivate staffs of the bank.While dealing with money and clients, the person should be honest and needs to be sharp, quick and analytical mind. Also, good verbal and written communication skills is must required for an effective interaction with clients and staffs.

Now let’s talk about Bank Probationary officer’s duties. Bank Po’s responsibilities includes, Cash Management, Supervision of clerical work, take decisions on various banking operations. Probationary Officers should have knowledge in the area of global money markets and financial instruments such as deposit certificates, treasury bills, forecasting, source evaluation and cost of domestic and foreign currency funds.When we say cash management it means, PO should ensure that the average cash limit is mantained or not which the bank has set. PO should check the work done by clerical staffs. Officer should verify whether clerk entered everything correctly or not and acoordingly the transactions will be authorized and again the work done by PO will be checked by the bank manager. At the end, checker is responsible for any loss in the bank transactions.Bank PO have to look after the loan documentations, visit the party site as required.Also, PO has to issue cheque books, ATM cards etc and has to handle customer complaints.PO have to read the circulars, otherwise definitely he/she will do the mistake and have to face the consequences of it. There are various responsibilities for bank PO which will be assigned by the bank manager as per the branch requirement.

After successful completion of the probation period, Bank PO joins as assistant manager. We have a very high career growth in banking jobs in compare to any other job. There are quite higher promotional prospects if you are a better performer.