10 Tips to Pass any Aptitude Test


Nowadays, many organizations are hiring candidates based on their performance in aptitude test. By that, they can assess the candidate’s thinking capacity and logical reasoning which is must for any job. Your abilities can be judged in an easier way and can be compared with set of competitors with these tests; you can say it’s something similar to intelligence test and it’s a good way to evaluate how people react to different situations.

Below are 10 tips which can help you to pass any aptitude test:

1)    There are many websites, where you can get old question papers of aptitude tests. You can take up free tests also and can measure yourself and take steps for further improvement by evaluating the scores. This will help you to get familiarised with the test format and the response required for it.
2)    Enhance your aptitude skills by taking up the mock tests and while taking the test keep a watch on the time taken to solve each question as time is very important factor in these examinations. Review the results and then move to the next test.
3)    When you take computerized aptitude tests, pay more attention to first few questions. Sometimes, based on your response in first few questions, the next questions will be decided. Those questions may be harder but if you manage to solve those, it will help you to get a good score by improving it to a great extent.
4)    Read the question carefully before you answer it. Most of the time, the questions will have twist and even though it seems harder, you might get a very simple answer for it. To confuse the candidates and to judge the clarity of them, it might be arranged in a complicated way.
5)    After completing the test, go through the entire answer sheet and cross check all the answers. If you are running out of time, at least check the answers of complex questions once. Don’t be in a rush to complete the test; you are not getting extra marks for it. If you have time at the end, just review all the answers.
6)    Always try to attempt all the questions. Not completing the aptitude test may have a great impact on your overall score.
7)    Check out the negative markings properly. According to test rules, sometimes for wrong or blank answers you get negative markings. If there is negative marking for wrong answers, its better not to attempt it when you are not very sure of the answer.
8)    You don’t have to go sequentially through all the questions.     Rather than wasting time, go for the easy ones first and then attempt the tough questions.
9)    Before going for the examinations, it’s very important that you give proper rest to your brain. Get proper sleep and food, so that your mind will be fresh and you can attempt the test with confidence.
10)    Collect all the details of the test if possible which will be helpful to plan for the test. Details like length of the test, time given for it; collect it before you go for the examination.