10 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed


“Why I am still not employed?” or “Why I haven’t found a job still?” ,  is this question going around in your mind? Despite of all the best
attempts, you just can’t seem to land a job and finding a job has  become the soul purpose throughtout the week?

Being a college graduate, finding a job is nothing short of difficult.  You get your degree done and all of a sudden you need to get into a  good job anyhow. You question yourself and the education provided to  you, but finding a good job seems damn hard. You started blaming each  and everything that surrounds you as the reason behind, you not  getting the job. But while it’s easy to blame others, sometimes it’s  just you.May be it’s the time to stop searching in job websites and  have a look at  your own strategy.Let’s have a look on the areas for  which you might still be unemployed.

1. You are very poor at networking. You don’t socialize yourself among  the job seekers or with the people for that matter. Your reluctance to  communicate with those people can decrease your opportunities in  finding a job.

2. In college time, you made your own schedule, lived on your own  terms, rules and regulations. But when you need to be working there  comes the harsh reality, you need to show up on time and work  throughout the day. So you have to get over yourself and mentally  prepared for the job.

3. Having a bachelor degree doesn’t always make you qualified for a  job.You are fresh out of college but employers won’t allow you to do entry level job because they assume you will eventually find a job that is more suitable for you and their investment is not worth. So, finding the right job is most important.

4. When you go for interview, you will be watched and analyzed from the moment you walk into the office for interview. Hence, it’s very import how you present yourself. Always carry a good posture when you walk for an interview.

5. Do you have the habit of more talking than listening? You need to change this habit right a way if you want to cack the job interview. There are chances the employer might not offer you the job if you are the same type.

6. Carry your confidence through out the job interview is most important. If you are giving out low energy, looking depressed, it may send the wrong signal to the employer.You need to show the enthusiasm towards the job.

7. Carrying a good resume is another major factor to get through the job. Gaps in your CV may start raising question marks in employer’s mind.

8. You need to sell yourself to the employer. They should feel how you can be of value to them. Under-selling yourself can portray your weakness and lack of confidence. SO you need to be careful on that.

9. You need to show the employer that, you are flexible in all possible conditions. If you are not willing to be flexible then there are plenty of people who are ready to take the opportunity.

10. Communication is key in business. You need to be able to communicate properly, if you are going to fit in as part of an organization.