Indian Education


Where we Indians are placed in Education System? Let’s have a look into Indian Education System. According to study, India will be one of the youngest nation in the world in next few years. With nearly half of the population in college-going group, one in every four graduates in the world will be a part of Indian education system. But unfortunately, India is far from figuring out how to educate these young people. However, India has got an impressive growth in education system.

Education has been a problem in our country and Indian Education system needs to change. From the ancient time, few things have changed. We have established IITs, IIMs and other institutions of excellence; but students with 90+ percentage score finding it difficult to get into the colleges of their own choice, but we do more of the same old stuff.

Students only study to score marks or to crack exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS, CAT etc. The traditional Education system in India was given to create bank officers and civil servants, and the pattern still continued today, now they prepare to become engineers. We live in a country where the people see education as the means of climbing the social and economic ladder. If the education system is failing – then it is certainly not due to lack of demand for good education, or because a market for education does not exist.

Let’s explore some points on: what should change in Indian Education system:

  • Indian Education system should focus on skill based education rather than forgetting the knowledge once the semester exam is over . Indian students focus on swotting education and the best swotters are rewarded by the system. This needs to be fixed at the earliest.
  • Indian education system rarely rewards what deserves highest academic honours.Our testing and marking systems need to be built to recognize original contributions, in form of creativity, problem solving, valuable original research and innovation. If we could do this successfully Indian education system would have changed overnight.
  • We need leaders, entrepreneurs in teaching positions, not salaried people trying to hold on to their mantle.It is high time to encourage a breed of superstar teachers. The internet has created this possibility – the performance of a teacher now need not be restricted to a small classroom. Now the performance of a teacher can be opened up for the world to see. The better teacher will be more popular, and acquire more students. That’s the way of the future.
  • System needs to implement massive technology infrastructure for education. India needs to embrace internet and technology if it has to teach all of its huge population. Instead of focussing on outdated models of brick and mortar colleges and universities, we need to create educational delivery mechanisms that can actually take the wealth of human knowledge to the masses.
  • At the end, we need to re-define the purpose of Indian Education System. Our education system is still a traditional education system geared towards generating mockers under the newly acquired skin of modernity.We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not translated into much technological innovation here. Rather, we are busy running the call centres of the rest of the world – that is where our engineering skills end.

The goal of our new education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into.