How to Learn a New Skill


Learning a new skill: it’s exciting and terrifying, it’s an  exploration and enjoyment. It’s one of the best way to make yourself  happy, but doing so is not so easy. But if you learn how to obtain new skills quickly, that will help you in many ways. You can learn things  that will raise your profile, create new opportunities for you  throughout your life time. Let’s discuss few points which will help you in learning new skills.

At first, let’s see what are the major barriers when you want to spend more time on picking up new skills.

1. You need commitment if you want to learn anything specific. If you just say that, you want to learn something, it’s just not enough and it won’t work out that way. First of all, you should think about your interest on that particular skill which you want to learn. You should give priority, make a plan to sit down and practice it.

2. When you’re going to learn something new, you may not have even a clue where to begin, there may not be enough understanding on the topic you have chosen. These things more often lead to fear and uncertainity in your mind and at the end, you just may give up.

3. Now say, you have made up your mind to learn it. You started with it by making a plan and practicising it. But it may be frustrated to continue the same till you learn it completely.

These are the things, you should be really prepared when you really want to go for learning a new skill and make up your mind accordingly.

Now let’s discuss on how to overcome these problems and be a master of new skills.

1. The very first thing you need when you are all set to learn new skill is “motivation”. You need to motivate yourself and nobody else can do it better than you. When you are going to take up something really new, you should be willing to be angry, frustrated, fail, bored . You need to be mentally prepared for these kind of things which may happen again and again. But you need not stress yourself for this as you’re not going to be an instant master. It will take time and things will happen gradually.

2. When you go to learn a new skill, practising the same thing again and again will not work out. Here, you need knwoledge about how to improve thoughts and actions to accquire a quick learning. You need a regular environment, an acceptable opportunity to practice and correct feedback for the skill you are learning.

3. Also, you should have the understanding of how to apply the knowledge. Every skill has a limited number of techniques and to be consistent in it, to convert the knowledge into skill, you have to practice.
For example, if you want to learn the skill to become a better speaker, you need to reherse under real circumstancees.  Practicing your speech aloud in front of group of people is the proven way of improving your speaking skill.

4. When you are learning a new skill, you need to evaluate what knowledge need to be applied and what not. You can read a book but to implement the suggestions, it requires a huge amount of discipline and in this case, it may take lifetime to learn it completely. So basically, you need proper guidance or a coach in some cases.

So here are four lessons which will help you mastering in a skill.