How To Improve Concentration On Study


Concentration on study is most important for effective study. It’s possible when you study with full attention without diverting your mind from irrelevant thoughts which interrupts in the process of learning.
If you are having trouble concentrating on your study, may be you just need to change your study patterns, try out new techniques or come up with an effective study plan. Here are few ideas to help you on that:

-> You need a right environment for effective study, a place which is quiet and free of distractions. It should be away from interruptions like TV, pets etc. A place with good lighting, a good pair of desk and chair which will make you comfortable and not strains on your body parts.

-> You need to keep everything those you need to study. Everything that required like pen,pencils, markers, notebooks, textbooks, paper all should be in your reach so that, you don’t get distracted by getting up again and again for these things.

-> Just to refresh you mind when it’s tied up with study, keep some snacks nearby. Something simple like, nuts, chocolates etc with a water bottle. Your mind will be refreshed by taking short breaks which will maintain the concentration

-> When you start your study, it’s very important that you know your exact goal. Write down the points to be accomplished before you go for it. So that, at the end of your study session, you will be satisfied that you have achieved what you needed to do. This will make you feel good and encourage for next session.

-> Cell phones and electronic devices has become detachable part of human being now a days. SO make sure that, all those should be switched off when you go for study. You will not get tempted towards it and will stick to your study plan.

-> Make a proper time table, when you are planning to study for a long time or you have many subjects lined up.Have a small time break meanwhile. Forget about other things in real world and keep it aside for sometime till you finish your study.

-> Reward yourself with small treats like a nap or cup of coffee or few minutes in front of TV when you accomplish something. This will keep yourselves going and help you to concentrate on study more.

-> If your body won’t allow, you just can’t make it. All your plan will be failed. So, you need to be prepared on that front also. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, do regular exercise; which will make your body fit and eventually that will help to achieve your study plan.

-> Sometimes it helps if you finish up your critical tasks first and keep the less challenging tasks at the end. If you keep the hard assignment to the end, it will decrease your productivity and you will lose focus by thinking upon it. When you finish it first, you will be stress free and relaxed which will make your study easier.

-> You should study for long because the brain will stop thinking if you concentrate for a long time on study ad=nd eventually, it will     start thinking about other things. Also, don’t ramain seated for a long time, it may hamper your health.