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Central University of RajasthanThe University »

The Central University of Rajasthan has been established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 25 of 2009, The Gazette of India, No. 27, published on 20th March, 2009 as a new Central University, and is fully funded by the Government of India.

The Visitor »

The President of India, His Excellency Shri Pranab Mukherjee, is the Visitor of the Central University of Rajasthan.

The Vice Chancellor »

The President of India, in her capacity as the Visitor of the University, has appointed Prof. M. M. Salunkhe as the first Vice Chancellor of the University.

Permanent Site for the University »

The state government has allocated 518+ Acres of land for the permanent site of the Central University at Bandra Sindri near Kishangarh on Jaipur – Ajmer Road (NH-8).


·         20 Km from Kishangarh

·         46 Km from Ajmer

·         76 Km from Jaipur when going from Jaipur to Ajmer

·         Less than a Km (700 meters) from the highway (NH-8)

About Kishangarh »

The Kishangarh is situated at a distance of approximately 27 Km from Ajmer city and 78 Km from Jaipur of Rajasthan. It is well connected via Indian Railways and National Highway No. 8. In recent years, Kishangarh has come to be known as the marble city of India. It is the only place in the world with a temple of nine planets.

About Rajasthan »

The State of Rajasthan has a total population (2001 Census) of about 5,65,07,188, the urban population being 23.38%. The literacy rate is 61.03% with male-75.7% and female- 43.9%. The major industries in Rajasthan are mineral, agro and heritage based. The strengths of Rajasthan include abundant availability of minerals, open & responsive government, proximity to Gurgaon and Delhi, which are now getting saturated, relatively better law and order scenario as compared to many other states in North India, very good living conditions – good civic infrastructure, residential, educational and medical facilities, road, power & water, avenues for recreation and tourism. Rajasthan is having good road network. It is extensively connected through a network of state and national highways and has well developed road network in cities. It has industrial estates across the state and has continuously improving telecommunication infrastructure, presence of major nationalized and commercial banks like ICICI, HDFC, UTI, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Charted etc. The state places great emphasis on technical manpower and it has large number of Engineering colleges and premier international level IT training institutes like BITS Pilani and LNMIIT functioning in Rajasthan, with IIT, IIM, Central University of Rajasthan and World Class University already announced this year.

Vision »

The Central University of Rajasthan aspires to be one of India’s most dynamic and vibrant universities, responsive to the changing global trends, providing unparalleled educational opportunities for the learner community especially for those coming from the lower socio- economic strata of society seeking quality education. It proposes to offer innovative undergraduate and graduate academic programmes as well as continuing personal and professional enrichment in selected areas that will lead to the formation of a scholarly community by advancing, sharing and applying knowledge and by facilitating the development of thoughtful, creative, sensitive and responsible citizens.

Mission »

The mission of the Central University of Rajasthan is to contribute to and work with a sense of Commitment towards the educational, cultural, economic, environmental, health and social advancement of the region and the nation at large by providing excellent undergraduate liberal education and quality programs leading to bachelors, masters, professional and doctorate degrees.

Goals »

To facilitate accessible and affordable quality education that equips the students with scholarly and professional skills, moral principles and global perspectives.

·         To strengthen both faculty and student research addressing basic and regional problems.

·         To integrate national and international perspectives into our fundamental four-fold mission of teaching, research, extension and consultancy.

·         To explore knowledge and wisdom in order to build a wealth of interdisciplinary academic resources indispensable for sustainable development to accomplish the status of a leading research-intensive university; and to engage in transferring knowledge and technology to the community in order to strengthen and elevate the community potential, and to increase the competitiveness of India at the global level.

·         To employ the strategy of proactive management of the university administration and to operate the system within a sensible framework of high-quality governance based on efficiency, transparency and accountability.

·         To formulate the University as one of the best places in the world to attain intellectual skills and acquire an affirmative mindset to thrive in an increasingly internationalized and competitive job market simultaneously acting as responsible citizens of the global community by the inculcation of value-oriented education.

Objectives »

·   Building character values and simultaneously forging the careers of the students by developing analytical thinking, individual initiative and responsibility.

·      Providing flexible, innovative academic and research programmes and support structures that are responsive to a broad range of learners and regional needs.

·   Facilitating a wide range of learning opportunities for learners engaged in graduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

·      Encouraging considerate and accountable faculty-student participatory interaction on local, state, national and international affairs.

·         Recognizing a special obligation to educate the students coming from minorities and lower socio-economic strata of the society.

·  Undertaking research and consultancy on the challenges the region is facing and contributing its expertise for the community.

·  Providing means for capacity building for leadership and service through academic programmes, campus activities and creating opportunities for community involvement.

Quality Statement »

In order to meet the challenges of the knowledge era and to keep pace with the knowledge explosion in Higher Education, the Central University of Rajasthan is committed to inculcating and sustaining quality in all the dimensions of Higher Education viz. teaching, learning, research, extension and governance while catering to the regional and global needs.

For any query, mail to: info@curaj.ac.in

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