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Central University of HaryanaInformation about CUH
Central University of Haryana is a Central University established under the Central Universities Act, 2009 of the Parliament. It is one of the 15 Central Universities established by MHRD, GoI under the XIth Five Year Plan (2007-12). The University is fully funded by the UGC.

Permanent Campus of the University is situated in 488 acres of land at Jant-Pali Villages, Mahendergarh district of Haryana from where CUH is running its academic operations.
Logo of the CUH

University Logo is conceived with a globe at its centre surrounded by holy trinity of three arcs and at the bottom is a shloka taken from ‘Neeti Shatkam’ written by Bhartihari.

The arc at the bottom depicts an open book and a Veena, symbolising University’s commitment to meeting the quest for acquiring knolwedge, learning, enlightenment and promoting art and culture.

The arc at the right that depicts processes of science, technology and adventure symbolises the University’s commitment to promoting scientific progress and creating a culture of creativity, innovation and enquiring approach.

The arc at the left that depicts nature symbolises University’s commitment to promoting education inculcating respect for environment, ecology and living in harmony with nature.

The globe at the centre surrounded by the human chain and the pigeon flying above expresses University’s belief that commitments represented by the trinity of three arcs shall lead to global peace, prosperity and human solidarity-the real spirit of education.

The shloka at the bottom conveys that ‘education’ is the unrivalled treasure of all.

Contact Us
Permanent Campus:

Central University of Haryana,
Jant-Pali, Mahendergarh
Haryana Pin: 123031


Public relations officer : 01285-249425

Examination Branch: 01285-249413

Registrar Office: 01285-249401

Vice Chancellor Office: 01285-249333

Fax: 01285-249402

Temporary Camp/Transit Office:

3113, opp.H.No. t-25/8
Gurgaon-122010 ,Haryana

Tel: 0124-2350283, 2350284

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