Career Options After 10th ( HSC )


Choosing a correct career option is the most important decision in everyone’s life. Students may get confused while choosing a right career after 10th. Our country is progressing rapidly and with that, there are plenty of opportunities. So you should choose what you are interested to do, you are good at it and which suits your lifestyle and not because it’s in scope. As long as you are ready to work hard, clear about your future goals and keeping yourself updated with latest in the industry, you can make through whatever career you choose.

Let’s spend little extra time to research on career options after 10th, which may prevent you from making serious career mistakes.Selecting right career option after class X is not an easy task. You need to plan it carefully and follow it by giving your best for a successful career.

Usually, there are 3 basic streams which you can opt after completing 10th, those are: science, commerce and arts. If you are interested in mathematics and finance, you can choose commerce as your career. This further will give you chances to pursue professional courses like, Chartered Accountancy (CA), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Insurance, Marketing, Cost Accountancy (from ICWA), Company Secretary Ship (CS), Stock Broking, Banking & Financial Management professional, Economist, or M.Com/MBA.

When it comes to science, there are many options available like engineering, medicine, agriculture, architecture, astrology, bio science, biotechnology, psychology, air force, civil etc. If arts interest you, then there are career options like, Design, hospitality, multimedia, web designing, law etc. If you want to go for civil services like IAS, IPS etc. you can select any of the option. There are many other options available other than these like fashion designing, Hotel management, travel & tourism, catering, sports, athletics etc.

So once you complete your 10th, you need to first understand what you want to achieve and through which medium of education. Decisions should not be taken in a hurry and parents should support about the likes and dislikes of their child, they should help them assessing themselves to choose a right career path. Sometimes it happens that, due to parental pressure, students finally end up in making wrong decisions about their careers and get into fields which they don’t want to opt for.

Another career mistake is to think that, you’ll be looking for career guidance after completion of 12th. This is something which you should do after class X. It does matter when you are choosing a career between science, commerce and arts. Those courses are the base knowledge for further career courses.

And to take a final decision, if you are looking out for career guidance, first start with yourself. It’s a very important factor to decide your career that what interests you more. Also, it’s very helpful to talk to people for the same. You can take guidance from them, how to start. Do research in internet; there are specific web sites, online counsellors. After collecting all the feedback, think hard and then take the plunge.