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Bidhan Chandra Krishi VishwavidyalayaBidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, BCKV, came into being in West Bengal in 1974. The huge sylvine campus having its teaching, administrative, extension and research units now at Mohanpur, Nadia, WB., has got the district mandates for offering agricultural education both at UG and PG levels, conducting agricultural research as well as organizing extension programmes.

With a backdrop of different agro-climatic zones of West Bengal, comprising mainly of small farmers and farm entrepreneurs, it has already accomplished a glorious acumen through a relentless upgradation and diversification to emerge as a centre of excellence at the national level.

The faculties of the university are Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering and relentlessly providing modern and high value education to create technocrats and scientist of capability to go competitive both at national and international levels.

About us:
The Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya established in 1974 has celebrated its 40th birthday on September 1, 2014. In these 40 years, the University paid primary attention towards imparting education in different branches of study in Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering and other allied disciplines of learning and scholarship. The Viswavidyalaya also worked towards advancement of Research in the respective areas. And finally it made endeavour to disseminate the knowledge amongst the farmers of the State.

Since February 2001, however, the Viswavidyalaya has undergone a number of major structural changes. It’s North Bengal Campus at Cooch Behar along with three Northern Regional Stations at Kalimpong, Cooch Behar and Dinajpore have emerged into a new Agricultural University, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya (UBKV) to cater more intensively to the needs of agriculture in North Bengal districts.

At present the BCKV is responsible for catering to the needs of agriculture only in the southern districts of West Bengal. The University thus has its Main Campus, three Regional Research Stations and three Regional Research Substations. At the same time the Viswavidyalaya has been strengthened with the creation of two new Faculties of Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering at Mohanpur taking care of human resource generation in Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering During this period, a Farmers^ Training Centre under the Directorate of Extension Education has been organized at Kalyani with necessary facilities of training including accommodation for the trainees. This centre has not only benefited the trainees from different part of the State country but also from all neighbouring states. There is a Medical Investigation Unit (MIU) in the Main Campus to satisfy the health care needs of the students and staff.

The Viswavidyalaya Organization, after number of structural changes since its inception, has at present reached a structure of comprehensive nature. Having headquartered or the only teaching campus at Mohanpur, Nadia, its three regional stationsare located in three different agro-climatic zones. One at Gayeshpur with substation at Chakdah to cater to the needs of New Alluvial Agro-climatic Zone (NAZ), one at Jhargram, with substations at Raghunathpur and Sekhampur to cater for the Red Laterite agro-climatic region and one at Kakdwip to cater to the needs of Coastal Saline agro¬-climatic region. The Directorate of Research has a number of large farms to provide Farm facilities to accommodate the mandates of the research projects including All India Coordinated Research Projects (ICAR). A Govt. of India Project on Cost of Cultivation operates from the Directorate situated at Kalyani. Two other state supported permanent research establishments namely, Crop Research Unit and Nodule Research Unit are located at Mohanpur. The Directorate of Extension Education is located at Mohanpur having its Farmers^ Training Centre at Kalyani. All the three Faculties are located at Mohanpur, Nadia having their independent buildings. The Faculties, specially the Faculty of Agriculture being the oldest and largest, presently facing acute space crisis and needs major renovation and new constructions.

The Viswavidyalaya performed its functions through three Faculties viz., Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering in regard to the studies at Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral levels. Besides the Directorate of Research with three Regional Research Stations and three Sub-Stations and the All India Co¬ordinated Research Projects (AICRPs), two large State Research Projects, one Govt. of India Project, a good number of National Agricultural Technology Projects (NATPs) and Ad-hoc Projects have conducted researches in priority areas for the State and specifically for the regions. The Directorate of Extension Education of the University has conducted number of trainings and demonstration through some of its continuing projects in those concerned regions for successful transfer of technology to the users.

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